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Chocolate Pretzel Treats

End of school rolls around and suddenly I have three kids who need treats for the parties they're having in their band classes.  Why couldn't they play the instruments that are assigned to bring a bag of chips?

Then, suddenly, I remembered something wonderful!!!  I remembered that I had pinned something on Pinterest (your online bulletin board for "pinning" things that interest you) that would be perfect for class parties.  You can check that post out here at How Does She.  And you really should check it out because she uses Rolos instead of Macaroons and has other yummy ideas too. 

The first step is to find a slave willing helper to place all the pretzels on the cookie sheet.

Next you'll want to give your baby a pretzel so she doesn't grab some from the perfectly placed pretzel platter.  (Skip this step if you don't have a baby.)

Then you place a chocolate of your choice on each pretzel.  Notice I have two different kinds of Macaroons.  The light coloured ones I bought but then ran out.  So I had to raid my food storage stash where I happen to have a case or two of Macaroons (must have comfort food in storage, and nothing is more comforting than chocolate and coconut!!!). 

Okay, this should be the first step - set your oven clock to 8:29 and your oven temperature to 350 degrees.  You're gonna pop these trays in the oven for about three minutes - just enough time to get the chocolate soft, but not completely melted.  To save energy, I suggest you might want to do this when you're baking something else, or you could put them out in the sun if it's hot out - hey, a new camping recipe!!!

Gather your slaves troops to press the peanut M&M's into the chocolate while it's all soft and pliable.

Work fast as they cool down pretty quickly. 
You could press anything on top - peanuts, almonds, skittles, smarties, gummy bears, radishes, jujubes, peas, marshmallows, etc.  Do specific colours to match special occasions (like Valentine colours Smarties for Valentines Day).  Oh the possibilities!!!

Aren't they cute?  And they're delicious eaten warm or cold.  I love the little bit of saltiness from the pretzels mixed with all the sweets.

Now I know what you're wondering:  how did the kids like them at the band parties?  Well, Carlee reported that they were the biggest hit at the grade 7 party.  Jas said the kids in the high school band would skeptically ask what they were.  After she explained and they tried one, they kept wanting more!

Now here is the rule:  You're welcome to make these for your kids' parties too unless I have a kid in your kids class.  If that's the case, sorry, but you'll have to come up with your own treat!!!

Now, once again, I know what you're wondering:  that's only two band parties, I thought you had three parties that needed treats?  Well you're right, but Jordyn needed a gluten free treat.  But not to worry - I had another pin on Pinterest!!!  This one was called Peanut Butter Corn Chip No Bake Cookies.  I forgot to take pictures but you can check that out here at Skip To My Lou.  Mmmm - so good!

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