"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf -

Dinner/Message Board Redo

I made these wonderful Dinner Menu and Message Boards a while ago - you can read all about that here!  Anyway, the boards are working exactly as I hoped they would - meaning that we use them all the time and are all getting trained to check them for messages.  And there are no more annoying little pieces of paper floating around with messages on them, or no messages scribbled on that important paper I needed.

However, the colours weren't quite working for me yet - probably because I got a huge book of lovely new scrapbook papers.  I figured out that it was the pale yellow I didn't like - so it was time to rip it apart!!!
After much deliberating, I chose this pretty light teal colour and simply glued it on over the yellow.  (Yes, that is my bed I'm working on, mostly because my baby hasn't figured out how to climb up on it so I can work in peace, not like at the kitchen table!)

Yes, I'm loving these colours much more - not that I have anything against yellow (unless I'm supposed to wear it - blech!).  Oh look, I put a little strip of the same paper near the bottom too.

That "I Love You Message" has been on there for months.  I can't bring myself to erase it!!!

Notice the little strip of new paper right below the green - that's over yellow too, and just ties the boards in nicely to each other.

And there are the two boards side-by-side.

And here they sit in my temporary kitchen - very convenient right by the phone.

Oh yes, my Kitchen Hours - you can read about them here!  And you'll see that I'm telling the truth about how long that Love message has been there!!!

And to wrap it up, I really recommend these boards!!!  The Dinner board makes me plan ahead somewhat!  (I can do better - notice the empty, unplanned spaces!  I just find that my days go so much smoother when the dinner menu is already planned.)  And the Message Board . . . let me compare it to Pinterest - how did I ever live without it???


  1. These boards are great! Mine is looking very sorry for its self and needs a revamp soon!

  2. Oh, and I'm the same with notes and what not, some of them I just can't remove! I was painting the garden walls and had to leave a little patch unpainted where one of my boys had left a hand print from their painting activity!