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Paint Chip Card

Paint chips!  Yeah, I have a few lying around, but that's okay because we're building and I need to choose from these myriads of colours the few colours that will be perfect for my house.  Any tips?
Anyway, when we're finished painting and I have all these leftover paint chip samples, now I know what I'll be doing with them.  I saw an adorable paint chip flower wreath at Ali.Lilly and decided to sort of copy her flowers.  I didn't need a wreath, but I did need a wedding card asap!

I dug out my heart punch and started punching hearts out of the paint chips.  My punch keeps getting stuck though - any hints on how to fix that (like punching tin foil or something?). 
If you don't have a heart punch, just trace and cut out hearts by hand like Ali.Lilly did.  I'm not using the most exciting colours here - I'm using paint chips that I had duplicates of.  Imagine what some pretty coloured hearts would look like!

Then it was just a matter of arranging the hearts into a flower shape, and gluing them onto the card that I had previously distressed and stamped a greeting on.  This was my first attempt at making a flower.  Next time I'll make another smaller layer on the inside like Ali.Lilly did, but I literally ran out of time.

Stamped a heart onto a circle for my flower center.  Not too bad - the idea has possibilities.  I'm always shocked when I happen to look at the prices of cards these days - crazy!!!  So I like to mass produce cards once I find an idea I like.  But . . . I leave the stamped greeting off until I know what I need a card for (birthday, wedding, get well, congrats, thanks, etc.).  Then I'll grab the card, stamp on the appropriate greeting, and we are good to go!  The stamps used on this card are all from Stampin' Up.

And by the way, I'm not suggesting you run off to the local paint store and clean out all their paint chips.  Nothing bugs me more when I need paint chips and there are some empty slots in probably the exact colour I was looking for!  This is strictly for recycling those paint chips you legitimately needed!!!

My guy came home and found my stuff and he got creative too.  First he made . . .

. . . the phases of the moon, and then . . .

. . . a lovely new wedding ring!  Isn't he the cutest thing evah?


  1. Love the card you made from paint chips --- so creative and pretty!

  2. That's very creative! I have a million of those darn things!! I'm gonna have to try this! Thanks

    Oh and would you consider sharing this at my linky party Simply Creative over at 365 days to Simplicity?


  3. Thank you for joining me his week at the Simply Creative blog party at 365 days to Simplicity! Please join me every Thursday and we’ll party like it’s 1999!

  4. oh my, great idea!! I make cards and I'll def be using this splendid design - thanks for the inspiration!! :) beautiful!

  5. aadorable!!! i love the colors on those chips, too!!

  6. Very innovative AND I love the original idea! :-) I will totally be using this! Hey, my local Menards knows me by name as I steal paint chips for all kinds of crafts! :-) They tell me it's okay as long as I always buy paint from them! :-) Thanks for the idea!

  7. Great idea for paint chips! I am excited to steal this :) New follower from Paisley Passions.
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