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Puppy Cupcakes

My Katia went to her little friend's birthday party and came home with this most adorable puppy!!!  Isn't it just the cutest thing ever?
I suggested to Katia that before I help her eat it, we should take some pictures of it!
  My friend Heather is just so creative!  And you should taste the chocolates she makes!!!  (Actually, maybe you shouldn't because that would mean less for me!) haha

The nose is two little marshmellows side by side with the icing over them.

The first thing Katia did was break off the ears and eat them.  I asked her if the black parts were edible or if it was black cardstock (cause that's what it looked like!).  So she ripped off an eyeball and said "Yup, you can eat them!"
I liked the fact that she could eat one cupcake, and then save the other one for later.
And yes, she shared!  I got one tiny little bite.

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  1. Evan shared his second one with me too, and kept saying "Mom, it's licorice! His eyes are licorice!!" Fantastic :o)