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Spaghetti Dogs

Can this really be me doing a post about food?  Well, this one intrigued me.  I saw a picture of this in blogworld (before Pinterest so I don't remember who to give the credit to - sorry) and wondered how in the world they got the noodles through the weiner.  I was so eager to find out how they did it that I didn't really stop to think about it - just sped read the blog to figure it out.  And then I must admit that I felt a little silly!!!
Do you have it figured out?

Looks kinda scary eh?
Okay, I know you're all smarter than I was!  Here we have the weiners and noodles cooking together in the pot.  And here's the way they looked just before going in the pot.

I broke my noodles in half, but if you want them to look more like squid, leave them whole.  I shoved four noodles through each weiner.

Here's another tip:  don't get distracted while you're cooking them.  I over cooked mine a bit which made the noodles pretty soft, so some of them were breaking off at the point where they came out of the weiner.

So since the weiners are already meat (yeah, right!), I just made up some meatless spaghetti sauce to serve with our spaghetti dogs.

So, go ahead and cook it for your family and see if they can figure it out!!!

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  1. This post is so funny! Thank you so much for sharing. I am definitely making these.