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Star Candle Holder

I love this little star candle holder!  A crafting blog I follow called Wood You Like to Craft is featuring lanterns and crafts with stars on them this month.  This kinda fits both categories so I thought I'd share it just to offer some inspiration!!!  True confession though:   I didn't make it.  I could have made it (I have the saws, sander, paint and knowledge) but when I saw it in a craft store on sale for $3, well, clearly I saved myself some time and snatched it up!

I added a little to it . . .
. . . a pillar candle and a starry/berry wreath.  This is how it usually looks - making some spot look pretty cute.

Another confession:  I'm a little nervous around candles, especially in wooden containers!
Thank you to whoever invented the little battery operated candles!!!  These don't scare me.

Isn't the glowing star pretty?  Love stars!!!

Yeah - love my little star candle holder!!!

This one is only about five inches tall.  After seeing all the gorgeous lanterns at Wood You Like to Craft, I'm envisioning a lantern made from four sides with a star cut out on each side - and maybe about ten inches tall.  Hmmm - that would be pretty cute too.  I'll have to add that to my DoIt list - after we get our house built, moved in and shop set up!!!


  1. Nice job! I love the glowing star when the candle is lit. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Adorable! What a great idea. I love how you dressed it up! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Cute idea! I'm your newest follower. :0)

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