"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf -

Wedding Decorations - An Evening Garden

My friend Heather had a son get married and I was able to help her decorate (she planned everything, I just helped with setting things up and taking things down).  I love helping to decorate because I love to see the transformation of a gym to something beautiful - which is why I'll probably always sign up to be on the Grad decorating committee!!!  Anyway, for this reception, the church gym was transformed into An Evening Garden and it was so pretty!

Branches spray painted white with flowers glued on.  They were used first without the flowers at a winter themed wedding.

The little gazebo where the bride and groom stood during the receiving line.

Mostly decorated but still missing centerpieces and a few other things.

Each table had a different colour flower tucked in the bow that was tied to the chair - I loved this!

Such pretty chairs!

See, I really loved them!

More trees and flowers set up near the gazebo.

The Mason jars filled with rocks and a tealight candle added a lovely romantic evening effect.

It was such soft pretty lighting.

And there are the centerpieces.  The bride collects tea cups so tea lights glowing inside tea cups on the table added a pretty effect.

And the cake made by the grooms 16 year old sister.

It really did turn out like An Evening Garden!

Now, who's wedding can I help at next?  Gotta get lots of ideas for our seven daughters' weddings!!!

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